Web Design and Hosting

Web Design

We will help you develop a web site that will be easy for you to maintain and includes the standard features found on most web sites today. The look and feel of the site will be custom designed especially for your needs. Contact us today for a quote!

Web & E-mail Hosting

There are many options on the Internet for hosting your web site, but most fail miserably when it comes to customer service. J 2 Consulting will not only provide you with space for your web site, be will also help you get started with the initial configuration. Setting up a web site for the first time can be scary, but we will be there to help you figure out all the wonderful things you can do with your site–including blogging, creating mailing lists, message boards and more!

Also, if you simply want your own e-mail address that does not end with AOL.COM, HOTMAIL.COM or YAHOO.COM, we will be glad to help with that as well.